A Case For Alternatives

The New Era of Investing

Greater access to alternative strategies

Alternative strategies have long been used by hedge funds, but new regulatory changes will provide retail funds with more options use to them.

New regulatory landscape

With the new regulatory changes, fund managers can leverage strategies traditionally used by hedge funds in the new alternative funds framework. This is anticipated to increase the number of available funds to investors.

The new era increases access

New regulations bring benefits for investors, but also challenges as more asset managers enter the market.

It takes experience

Using inexperienced alternative managers can introduce a new risk to portfolios.

Alternative Investing Distilled

Traditional vs Alternative Investments

...but alternative assets are just a part of the equation.

Alternative Funds:
Sophisticated composition for everyday investors

Alternative Funds

A type of investment fund using alternative investing strategies similar to hedge funds but with daily liquidity.
Liquid Alts

Hypothetical Risk and Return Trade off
With and Without Alternative Investments

Risk and Return Trade-off

Why Hedge? Why Now?

We believe there are a number of key
distortions/excesses in the market that increase undue risk

Markets and economies
are entering later stage
of the cycle
Risk premiums are
below normal for most assets
Capital is being increasingly
misallocated by management
Markets and investors
are becoming increasingly
less liquid
Passive flows and
liquidity may be
distorting prices for
many assets


We’ve answered some commonly asked questions to help you gain a better understanding of the risks and opportunities of alternative investing.